Installing Windows Home Server (WHS) Connector in Windows 7 64-bit

I bought a Windows Home Server about two years ago, I use it primarily for backups and file sharing in my home network. It is a good solution for a small home network such as mine because it is sufficient, it is not overkill and it is easy to manage.

A few months ago, I put together a new PC which I use for development when I am home and for gaming. I installed Windows Ultimate 64-bit in it and up until today, I didn’t worry about connecting it to the WHS because I didn’t have much to backup, now I do.

The first thing I tried was to install the WHS connector using the original CD, I didn’t have any luck. Then I searched for a solution online and I found this article, but it didn’t work either. In the article, the writer mentions that I can just browse to and then install it from there. I was able to see a button to install it, but when I clicked on it I got a “Not Found” 404 error. As it turns out, the link points to “/setup/WHSConnectorInstall.exe” and that path doesn’t seem to be configured in the web server. I searched for the folder Setup in the WHS and found it. After trying running various executables including “WHSConnectorInstall.exe” without success, one of the error messages suggested running Setup.exe (what a surprise!), so I did and I was able to install the Windows Home Server in my Windows 7 64 bit computer without any problems. The connection works perfectly and I also was able to configure this computer to be backed up by WHS every night!

These are the steps I followed:

  • Copy the files shown in the image below from the folder “C:WHS” in your Windows Home Server to a local folder in your Windows 7 computer.
  •  These are the executables I copied from WHS to my WIndows 7 computer, double-click on setup.exe and follow the screen instructions.

  •  That is it! After running setup.exe you should see the WHS icon in the system tray.
I hope this is useful for any of you out there, cheers!


    1. Actually, you really, really, REALLY helped me. After installing this I discovered my system was recently successfully backed up (I didn’t think it was working) and I ended up restoring files I thought were lost. I am so happy and grateful!!!



      1. hi i dont have those files as i restored my WHS and cant access and im on a windwos 7 and im trying to install the disc of whs conector and cant as is 64bits pc and i dont have those file you choose in your images to be able to install the disc of my whs ex470 can anyone send me this via email? please or upload it to somewhere i can download please


      1. In your article you stated, “These are the executables I copied from WHS to my WIndows 7 computer, double-click on setup.exe and follow the screen instructions.”

        What I need to know is WHAT are the “executables you copied”??? Also is there a particular place where you copied them to???

        Thanks for the help so far…



      2. Hi Joe, in the article I mention to copy all files from C:\WHS (in the home server) and past them in the computer you want to setup to work with the WHS. Once you paste these files, double-click on the file “setup.exe” and just follow the prompts, that should connect your computer to the WHS. This is what I did several years ago, I am not sure if it will work for you as I don’t have my WHS any longer to try this. Good luck!


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