Kickstarter: Day 10

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It’s been 10 days since I launched my first kickstarter campaign for my first book. These series of blog posts are a story of my journey with my first kickstarter campaign.

These are the things I’ve tried up until today to get more people to back my campaign:

  • Emailed my entire email list. Twice.
  • Have tweeted multiple times from different accounts about the campaign.
  • Tried unsuccessfully to get influential people to re-tweet or tweet about my campaign.
  • Emailed friends and acquaintances directly to ask them for their support.
  • Have posted the video, book cover and excerpts from my new book multiple times on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Have written three posts about my failure to get people to back my kickstarter campaign. This is the third one.

The Undocumented EngineerThere are still 20 days left in this campaign. I am still talking to people and sharing it online every day. I have also come to realize that my big mistake was not too do all of the things I mentioned above BEFORE starting my campaign. Please take note if you are thinking about starting a kickstarter campaign; do all of the above and more BEFORE you start your campaign.

In case you are wondering, the book will still be written regardless of the campaign’s results. It will be available only as an eBook without the kickstarter’s funds, but it will still happen. The Undocumented Engineer is a book I want to write for my family, and for anyone who might relate to my immigration story. The story will be entertaining and inspirational, that is my goal and hope. Also as a parent, I feel writing this book will be an amazing way to share a lot of details of my story with my kids and family.

PS: There is still 20 days left for you to back this campaign, I would appreciate it very much if you do. Also, if you have your own kickstarter campaign you want to share with me and others, please add a link to the comments. Thank you and Happy Friday!

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