Six days in Iceland

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Earlier this year my son Ricardo (we share the same first name) and I traveled to Iceland and Copenhagen at his request, for his 15th birthday. Prior to this trip, I didn’t know much about Iceland and very little about Copenhagen. When my son was younger, he used to say that he wanted to become an architect and design and build unique and beautiful buildings around the world. My son has changed his mind since then and his passion is making films and tell stories. Iceland is a magnet for photographers, film-makers, and anyone else who can appreciate open spaces and amazing and unique landscapes. This is the reason my son decided to go to Iceland for his 15th birthday. And Copenhagen was my wife’s idea motivated for my son’s earlier love for architecture and the idea that he would like to live in Copenhagen when he becomes and adult.

We started the trip to Iceland from Austin, TX on a flight to Boston. I found this Icelandic airline which offers direct (and cost-effective) flights from various U.S. cities to Iceland, Wow Air. The best option for us living in Texas was to fly to Boston and then take a non-stop flight to Iceland from there.

The experience flying with Wow Air was surprisingly pleasant. I have used European discount carriers before and while their prices are  inexpensive, the experience isn’t always good. The plane was clean, they included free entertainment (movies, TV shows, etc), and the best of all was the service. The flight crew welcomed everyone with a smile and made sure everyone was comfortable on the plane.

Below is a video my son put together showcasing some of the places and moments we experienced in this magnificent place.

Below are some of the photos I took during this trip, I hope you enjoy them and please let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions about this trip, or anything else. Cheers.

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