They are destroying democracy.
They are destroying the middle class in this country.
They are racists.
They are the ones who separated immigrant families and kept children in cages.
They are the reason why we have Trump as President.
They are the reason why we have a septuagenarian as the President, again.
They don’t believe in social programs such as free healthcare and education.
They don’t believe in science.
They don’t believe in facts.
They are liars and unethical.
They are selfish and value individualism more than the community.
They are less educated and less curious.
They are consumers and not creators.
They don’t have fiscal responsibility.
They are hysterical and cynical.
They are materialists.
They are nationalists.
They believe in closed borders.
They appreciate capitalism and condemn socialism.
They do what they can to avoid paying taxes but are against universal income.
They want to cancel, ban, or deplatform those with who they disagree.
They blame others for culture appropriation… of a culture that isn’t theirs.
They are vicariously offended.
They are classists.
They discriminate against people who look or talk differently than them.
They agree with science, but only when it is convenient.

They. Are. Us. All of us.

We can change!