Day Two at MS Build 2023: A Developer’s Perspective

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There’s something infectious about the energy of the second day at MS Build 2023 – it’s as if the conference has found its rhythm, hitting stride in a way that eclipses the initial day. Sure, the food leaves something to be desired, but hey, who attends tech conferences for the cuisine?

The day kicked off with an unassuming keynote, almost in the style of an extended advertisement, until… enter Windows Copilot. At this point, the entire ambience shifted. Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, captivated us all with an off-script walkabout amongst the audience. As a developer, I was hooked. His authentic and engaging presentation style resonated with the crowd, making me seriously consider trading in my trusty laptop for a brand new Windows one. I’m eager to take the Windows Dev Home, a suite of developer-focused features, for a spin. It’s high time!

Post-keynote, the first session delved deeper into the Dev Home and the ways in which the upcoming features will revolutionize the developer experience, promising a more enjoyable journey. You can check out the session for yourself here.

The day’s technical sessions, packed with learning, were a refreshing change of pace – less AI and Copilot, more C# 12 insights. The opportunity to hear directly from the team behind the language was enlightening. I also attended an insightful session about Visual Studio’s powerful features, old and new, designed to save us time and enhance our work enjoyment. You can find the session here.

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Learning more about how GitHub constructs its platform using its own tools was a highlight for me. The knowledge imparted during this session promises to be invaluable for my professional projects, and I’m eager to test out features like Codespaces. The incorporation of Git capabilities directly into Visual Studio is another exciting prospect – it’s going to streamline our work by keeping us within our development environment, rather than forcing us to hop between apps or browsers to create pull requests. You can find the session here.

To cap off the day, the evening event was nothing short of spectacular. Between a silent disco, vintage arcade games, dueling pianos, and a much-improved food and drink selection, there was something for everyone.

Day two, MS Build, you truly delivered, and for that, I’m genuinely grateful – it was an improvement over the day one. Here’s to another successful day!


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