Welcome, I’m Ricardo. I enjoy coding and working with great people. I also love taking photographs and traveling whenever I can. I Immigrated to the United States in 1996 and started working at a factory assembly line. Some years after that, I switched to technology, working as a network administrator, then as a web designer, and finally as a software developer/programmer. 

One of my biggest satisfactions is seeing people get an opportunity to advance in their careers and lives. To help with this, I founded a meetup in Austin, TX, to facilitate the connection between people looking for jobs, looking for co-founders, and companies trying to hire from a diverse pool of talent. 

Today my focus is to help people start their careers in software development, and I’ve been doing this through a YouTube channel, this blog, and this other one

I believe in enjoying what we have now instead of waiting for the right moment to do it. This is one of the reasons my family and I travel as much as we can, and we often do it without pre-determined schedules or specific goals. We allow ourselves the opportunity to improvise. Alan Watts said Life is NOT a journey, believing that we need to play throughout life instead of thinking of life as a journey with a serious purpose at the end. Life is a musical thing -he said, and we are supposed to dance or sing now, while the music is playing.

Si hablas español, también estoy trabajando en un proyecto para ayudar a otras personas a aprender a programar, si estás interesado suscríbete  aquí y sigue mi blog en español.

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