Photographs and time

Time is interesting. Every time I look at old photos of places we visited, our kids, family, etc. I smile and can’t help but feel nostalgic about it. But, when I look at these photos, the only thing I can remember from those moments is good and positive things. Even when I know that there are stories of frustration behind some of those photos, I can only think of the good times when I see them.

Capture moments of your family, of the places you visit, of random moments, and then look at them later. You’ll never forget the good moments when you see these old photos, and I am pretty sure you won’t remember the negative stuff. For example, we have run into issues and frustrating moments almost every time we travel, but those frustrating moments don’t come to mind when I see photos of those travels. Why is that?

People say, spend your time and money on experiences and not on things. I agree with that; however, take some photos or video from those experiences, at least one photo or a short video. You’ll treasure that a lot and for many years in the future.

Time almost always makes me forget about bad experiences, but the good moments, the happy moments, those memories always stay with me, and old photos or a video from those moments trigger even more happy memories. That is one of the reasons I love photography.

Photographs are, in my opinion, a time travel machine that takes you back to those specific moments and motivates you to seek new experiences and moments like that. A photograph is a fantastic time capture machine. Use it to capture moments and experiences. You won’t regret it.

Las palabras son inofensivas, nuestras reacciones no tanto

¿Qué sientes cuando alguien te dice algo ofensivo? ¿Respondes inmediatamente con otra palabra ofensiva? ¿Te enojas, Te sientes mal?

Las palabras no es más que un sonido que utilizamos para comunicar entre nosotros. Si escuchas una palabra, o toda una conversación en un lenguaje que no conoces, no significara nada para ti, no hay significado, solo sonido emitido por las personas hablando.

Si alguien te dice una palabra con un significado malo y abusivo, te sentirás ofendido, atacado, sensible, enojado, etc. Pero las palabras no son las que te ofenden, las palabras son únicamente sonidos, no pueden atacarte u ofenderte. Si te ofendes con palabras que escuchas, o te hacen sentir mal, enojada(o), o triste, lo que experimentas es una reacción a esas palabras. Estás reaccionando. Las palabras solamente tienen el significado que les das.

Cuando reaccionas con emociones fuertes a palabras que escuchas, entonces eres esclava(o) de estas palabras y de las personas que las dicen. Estas personas tienen poder sobre ti, controlan tus sentimientos, porque controlan tus reacciones.

No reacciones, escucha, y responde a estas palabras, pero no reacciones de manera negativa a estas. Si alguien te dice algo con el fin de que reacciones negativamente, no lo hagas, puedes responder con un mensaje neutro, a lo mejor hasta con una sonrisa, y sigue adelante, recuerda, tú tienes el control de tus emociones, no le des este poder a otras personas o sonidos.

¿Por qué Viajamos?

Viajamos porque nos gusta descubrir cosas nuevas, descubrir nuevas comidas, arquitecturas, y porque nos gusta ver cosas que no hemos visto todavía.

Mi esposa Felly y yo somos diferentes, pero somos conscientes que al viajar nuestras metas, alegrías, y curiosidad se entienden. Podría decir que somos nómadas de corazón y de espíritu. Pero nos gusta tener un lugar base al cual le podamos llamar hogar.

Viajar te alimenta el espíritu, y te abre la mente, pero no hay duda que todo esto es siempre mejor, con Felly a mi lado mirando hacia al frente. Tomados de la mano, nos aventuramos y llenamos nuestros ojos y nuestra mente, de todo aquello que descubrimos y experimentamos día a día en varios continentes.

Viajamos porque nos gusta absorber nuevas culturas y su gente, así como las comidas y todo el ambiente. Esto es, sin duda, un regalo que nos damos a nosotros para alimentar nuestra curiosidad, porque no cabe duda que viajar es alimento y medicina para el alma y la mente.

Aquí estamos, pensando y planeando el próximo viaje, la próxima aventura, y aun cuando después de viajar nos sentimos un poco agotados, siempre estamos listos, soñando cuál puede ser el siguiente lugar para descubrir, conocer, y transportarnos a un nuevo ambiente.

Viaja y disfrútalo, al fin y al cabo, conocer nuestro mundo, diferentes países y ciudades, así como su gente, es, en mi opinión, lo mejor que puedes hacer con la persona que quieres. Viajar solo/sola es también recomendado, solo viaja, sal de la rutina, y disfruta de la vida sin todo el argüende.

Viaja y date permiso y oportunidad de conocer a otra gente, sus costumbres, su comida, y todo su ambiente. Viajar te habré la mente, te inspira, y también te vuelves más simpático de toda la gente. No hay razón para no viajar, somos todos nómadas de corazón y estoy seguro de que está en nuestros genes. 

Vamos, pues, a darle duro y a conocer este mundo que nos espera con una gran variedad de comida, arquitectura, cultura, y claro, con toda su gente.

The Mountaineering Club

You might not realize that you have arrived from the outside, it’s a hotel, and it doesn’t look like the place I’m about to describe below. So give yourself a chance and trust me, go around the block and park in the public parking lot, or drive to the side of the hotel and let the valet service park your car for you.

You have arrived; you are at the Graduate Hotel in Seattle. The name is perfect due to its location. It’s just a few blocks from the University of Washington campus. Once you enter the hotel and walk towards the lobby, you’d be surprised by the tasteful decoration of this place. Its atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

There is a long hallway with a large coffee table across it. There is an oversized couch on both sides with tall bookcases behind it. These bookcases go from floor to ceiling, really. There is a fireplace with chairs for those cold and dark winter days. In the back there are some tables, chairs, and other seating areas for people to study, read, write, or hang out. It’s a beautiful place, and this is the lobby of the Graduate Hotel in Seattle.

Let’s go back to the main topic of this post, the brunch place. You hike up to the 16th floor from the lobby using the elevator, of course. Once you arrive on the 16th floor, the hostess welcomes you, and then all around you, it’s a fantastic panoramic view of the mountain ranges surrounding Seattle. The decoration at this place is lovely. It feels as if you are in a movie about explorers from the 1800s – or perhaps, Indiana Jones.

The decoration of this place is elegant and casual at the same time. There’s lots of leather furniture, a dark color palette, and lots of wood. It’s charming and warm. This place has been open as a club/bar for a while, and serving brunch is a newer offering, and I am so glad for this.

We walked outside to our table, it’s on the patio, with views all around us. Each table has a small heater lamp on top of it, so don’t worry, even when you are outside, you’d feel warm and cozy. Not all the seating arrangements are tables and chairs. I saw a few couches and coffee tables, and there were people having brunch there too.

The brunch menu is simple and short. I like that. The less I have to think about my choices, the better. I like the Cheesecake Factory, but their menu is almost as extensive as the War and Peace book. Yes, it’s an exaggeration.

Inside, they have a self-serving area where you can get coffee and tea. I like this; you can get your coffee whenever you want, and as much as you want. It makes me feel independent because I can serve my own cup of coffee.

We ordered our food, it was skillet-baked eggs for me, and it was delicious. We enjoyed our brunch, the coffee was great, the decoration was lovely, and the views were fantastic. Brunch at this place was a pleasant experience, and we are coming back. At The Graduate Hotel, The Mountaineering Club is a new favorite brunch place in Seattle.

But it’s a new (and gorgeous) color

Content is king, that’s what people say, and from what I see, these are very smart people. But does that mean all content is king? Does it mean all content is great and worthy of our reverence? Of course not, right?

Many people create content these days, it’s easier than ever before, and there are many tools and technology available to most of us to help us do this. The content can be in the form of videos, text, music, voice, etc. And the content people create today covers many topics ranging from all sorts of education to all types of entertainment. It’s widely available, and we can consume content from different creators and different platforms.

With all the content available today, and all the people creating it, ranging from large media corporations to individuals working from their bedroom, it’s hard to create entertaining content, especially if you want it to be different from everything else out there.

Creators work hard to differentiate themselves. They think hard about new skits, new angles for their photography, new content for their videos, etc. And at the same time, companies who create products, especially tech companies, work hard to achieve the same thing. To be different. To be unique.

Content creation has a purpose. For most, it’s a way to communicate their feelings, perspective, and personality. There is also the commercial content intended to convince people to buy something, a product, service, whatever. And this type of content can be very creative, but ultimately, whatever someone is selling still needs to be unique and distinct. At least, if you want it to be remarkable and thriving in this over-saturated market.

Popular creators and influencers work hard at differentiating themselves and their content. They build studios, buy the best camera equipment, learn new dance moves, showcase beautiful travel destinations, tell funny jokes, and find exciting and informative ways to describe new products and technologies. At least until recently. We have reached peak content, I think. Maybe crypto or the metaverse will fix this. Time will tell.

Oh, by the way, have you seen the new Apple product released last Tuesday? It’s two new colors for the iPhone, Alpine Green and Green.

So many creators are talking about it and making videos because it’s a new and exciting thing? Most creators get money for their content, but making videos about the same phone with two new shades of green is not that exciting. So let’s skip this. But what do I know? I am also writing about it here… but it’s more of a rant than me trying to convince you that a new Apple iPhone that comes in a gorgeous new color is worthy of creating any new content. Like I said. Peak content.