Writer’s block influenced by bilingual ability. Really.

I can’t decide about writing my blog posts in Spanish or English, and it is blocking my ability to write. It is also affecting the development of an app since I can’t decide what language to use. I read in English, rationalize in Spanish, and then write in English for the most part.

Multilingual friends, has that ever happened to you? I know about writer’s block, but I haven’t heard anything yet about feeling blocked due to not knowing what language to use. Choosing a language for your writing is essential; it has many ramifications as it will affect who you reach and your target audience. For me, it is a constant tug of war between the two languages when it comes to writing.

When I started writing blog posts, I used English, and it was in part to help me get familiar with the language, to learn it better. It also made sense as all the learning and experience I was getting as a new software developer was from other blogs written in English.

I have some experience now and have more time and things to share with others, but I also feel the need to do it in my native language, Spanish. And so here I am, unable to make this decision. I’ve tried a couple of things, for example, I started a new blog in Spanish but after a little while it was just too much work. I have also tried writing posts written in both languages, and again, it is too much work; the phase is hard to sustain.

I need to get over it it is what I tell myself constantly. For now, I will continue to write in English since most of my audience are English speakers. Someone suggested the following idea:

What if you write a post in Spanish per N English posts?

I might just try that.

A todos los techies que hablan Espanol, si tienes preguntas por favor dejame saber, aqui estoy para ayudar en lo que pueda. Cheers.