Why is food so hard to understand? Imagine if we just ate and didn’t have to worry about anything else, not calories, fat, sodium, nothing. Just eat and enjoy it. Carelessly, this is how I have dealt with food for a large part of my life. But now, I need to know how nutritious it is, and I need to know how much protein, sodium, fat, and calories it has. Why? Because everyone and everything tells me I should. Because if I don’t, then I’ll get some horrible disease and die, and at best, I will get fat and lazy.

Food didn’t use to be this complicated. Progress and intelligence made it difficult. As we continue to progress and evolve, we make simple things complicated. Being a child is simple, or at least it was before. The world is more dangerous, people say. Risks are more significant, we say, and it’s probably true.

I know I am part of this, I know I have made things more complicated for my kids to keep them safe, or at least that’s what I believe. We are complex creatures. We need to be simpler, eat simpler, and think that everything and everyone around us is there to exist and nothing else.

Don’t complicate it. Eat food, but make sure the food itself isn’t complex, the more simple, the healthier it is anyway, and if so, we don’t have to overthink it. Let’s just eat. Let’s keep it simple.